Open Forum

November 30, 2018 - 12am

Our guests grapple with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. 

Questions Covered:

  • 04:35 - Someone told me that St. Irenaeus said that the Body and Blood are just symbols of Christ. Is this true?
  • 15:58 - I just finished my saint report. What is transverberation? How many saints experienced it?
  • 18:43 - We say the “Glory Be” prayer which says “as it was in the beginning.” What is meant by the word “it”?
  • 22:21 - Sr. Lucia from Fatima talks about how the battle of the family is the end times. Are we experiencing the end times now?
  • 29:16 - Why don’t Catholics celebrate the Jewish feasts like Passover mentioned in the Bible?
  • 35:45 - Why is the Communion of Saints mentioned in the Apostles Creed, but taken out of the Nicene Creed?
  • 41:00 - When a Catholic is marrying a non-Catholic, why can’t you have an entire Mass? Why does it have to be a shortened service?
  • 44:50 - Is it true that what the person lacks, the Church makes up for it? In regards to Confession/Reconciliation. Does this come from Scripture or tradition?
  • 49:18 - I am not Catholic, but I would like to know where purgatory is referenced in the New Testament?

Resources Mentioned: