How God Sees You

December 3, 2018 - 11pm

Questions Covered:

  • 20:40 - Listening to you right now has been making me feel better. I think I’ve been hating myself, but this is helping me. Thanks.
  • 28:53 - I caught myself with negative self-thoughts several years ago and saying a Hail Mary really helped me to stop thinking like that.
  • 37:00 - Is this book specifically Catholic, or could a Protestant benefit from it as well?
  • 42:28 - Is there any informative, practical advice in the book? Does it confront the fact that we’re sinners and the realities of that?
  • 44:40 - There are many similarities between your book and the book The Ties That Bind- can you talk about your thoughts on the book? Did you draw inspiration from there?
  • 45:50 - I get a little frustrated with all of this “everything is beautiful” attitude. Are we just a feel good faith that ignores our serious issues?
  • 50:03 - I heard what you said about needing to forgive and it was really helpful to me.
  • 52:30 - I ask the Holy Spirit to show me the lies in my mind and heart so that I can address it. Then I can pray specifically about it. I still struggle a lot. Do you have any tips for grief and the ongoing struggle?

Resources Mentioned: