Pro-Life Open Forum

Dr. George Delgado
01/16/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered:  08:30 - Why are so many Christians pro-abortion now when they weren’t before? 15:09 - I met someone at SEEK who is Catholic. She went to a March for Life. She had a negative response to the graphic images used by pro-lifers, so she doesn’t consider herself pro-life. How can I help someone like that? 21:46 – The only abortion clinic in Pensacola has shut down due to lots of prayer! 29:48 - I usually pray in front of an abortion clinic with a group. There was a sign put up on the clinic property that gave 10 reasons for why abortion is okay. I need help navigating some of their statements. 36:32 - Are we witnessing evil in our leadership today? 42:21 - People keep saying millennials are more pro-life, but it doesn’t seem to translate to votes. Why is this? 47:08 - How can we overturn abortion? 50:39 - What is a reliable site to refer someone to for the scientific evidence of the baby in the womb? Resources Mentioned: 20 Answers: Abortion The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology by Keith Moore