Faith and Works

Douglas M. Beaumont
03/11/2019 07:00 PM
Doug Beaumont discusses the Catholic belief in faith as well as works. The Christian life means constantly striving to attain the perfection that God calls us to in Scripture. Faith and works come together, beautifully intertwined on the path to eternal life. Questions Covered: 08:25 - Can you go to heaven if you have done good works and been a good person? 14:22 - What is the most charitable and sound argument for faith alone from a Protestant and how did you respond? 19:32 - Why do Protestants separate works from faith and salvation? 28:38 - Do Protestants consider accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior to be a work? 33:28 - What is the Catholic view of the Penitent Thief who lived a sinful life and then repented at the end? If you believe in faith and works, wouldn’t he go to hell? 36:47 - I am a former Catholic and a Protestant now. I disagree with what you’re stating about faith and works. 49:34 - I am Protestant. The Catholics that I knew when I was young would sin and sin and sin and then confess and receive Communion on Sunday. That is not a holy, Christian life.