The State of Marriage

Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
03/15/2019 07:00 PM
Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing, and Fr. Hugh Barbour, Catholic Answers' chaplain and Norbertine priest, discuss the current state of marriage. From the cultural emphasis on 'self' to the economic struggles in having families, they investigate the issues that impede marriage and suggest solutions for how the laity can fulfill God's vocation for them. Questions Covered: 00:58 - Is there a trend in men’s perspective of marriage due to a move generally away from the Church and the faith? 06:47 - Are there any exceptions for divorce when a relationship is abusive? 08:57 - It is difficult for young men to marry, too. Young women are more non-committal. 16:27 - I have a lot of friends that are trying to figure out marriage. How can I advise them in their marriages? 21:42 - I think it is the strength of the faith that helps people to have many children successfully. There are some very beautiful, religious couples with many, many children in my parish and they are making it work. 23:50 - I used to have some destructive tendencies that were hurting my marriage. I have some tips for men who are struggling, who want to be good husbands. 29:10 - Is a marriage valid if someone is out in their right mind? 33:13 - A lot of people don’t get married because of economics. 36:08 - How can we get married couples to understand that their vows are for a lifetime? 48:15 - I got married at 21 and have 10 kids. We have always had one income. Most of the problem is that we don’t have good role models for these young people. They need to see good married couples.