The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
03/18/2019 06:00 PM
Fr. Hugh Barbour, a Norbertine priest and Catholic Answers chaplain, joins Cy to take questions of a more pastoral nature. Listeners with questions about the reasons for believing in the Catholic Church, the liturgy, the sacraments, family life, and much more are very welcome while the chaplain is in. Questions Covered: 08:20 - Are there any historical documents that tell us exactly when Jesus died and rose? 16:09 - Can you explain the transition of the Jewish and Gentile communities into Christianity? Were these separate movements? 21:56 - What can you tell me about Pope Alexander VI? 28:40 - How did the Catholic Church respond to the Holocaust and WWII, after the war ended? 36:43 - What is the true history of Glastonbury? 42:30 - What is the Church’s position on the Lateran Treaty with Mussolini? 48:33 - What is the truth about Martin Luther and the Reformation?