Understanding the History of Catholicism

Steve Weidenkopf
03/18/2019 07:00 PM
Steve Weidenkopf, lecturer of Church History at the Christendom College Graduate School of Theology and the author of Understanding the History of Catholicism, joins Cy to uncover the truth about the history of the Catholic faith. Questions Covered: 04:26 - What is the moral culpability of an artist, specifically of a novelist creating a new world? Must the artist stay completely true to Church history? 10:21 - What is your advice for couples who are not married and are new to the Catholic faith and want to learn how to remain chaste? 14:29 - Why do all divorced people remain eligible to receive the Eucharist when abandonment is a public and grave sin? 17:53 - How do I explain to an atheist why Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays? 21:30 - I have a Protestant friend and I am trying to explain the role of the priest to her. Can you help me? 30:00 - What did John the Baptist say when he baptized people? 32:40 - I am coming into the Church at the Easter vigil, but my wife and children are not. How involved can I be in their Church? 36:22 - Why is the 'kyrie' said in Greek while the rest of the prayers are in Latin? 40:42 - Why would anyone resist Bishop Sheen’s body being moved to his original parish? 44:25 - Is Lent biblical? Can I give Protestants Scriptural evidence for it? 46:16 - I am converting to Catholicism and am also engaged. My fiancé is Catholic, but not practicing. How can I help her to begin practicing again? 49:52 - There are Masses celebrated in Latin. Why is there so much attention and importance placed on the Latin liturgy?