Which Catholic Doctrine Troubles You?

Karlo Broussard
03/22/2019 06:00 PM
Karlo Broussard walks callers work through their difficulties with Catholic doctrine. Questions Covered: 04:40 - There are several Church fathers who say that part of the joy of heaven will be seeing those in hell justly tormented. Is this Catholic doctrine? 15:29 - What does the Church believe about the human being: that we are body and soul together or just a soul housed in a body? 23:50 - Why do you believe that Mary was born without original sin? 28:36 - What is the Catholic doctrine on circumcision? Is it true that people who are not circumcised cannot enter heaven? 35:15 - I heard that you can’t add to the Creed or you will be anathema. Is this true? 42:37 - Why do we not follow Jesus in only having 12 apostles, as in only having 12 bishops today? 46:18 - What is the Church’s moral teaching on why it is not beneficial to live with someone before marriage? 52:12 - If Mary bore Jesus by the Holy Spirit, how can the Church believe that God’s promise to Abraham that the Messiah would come from his line be true? What does the Church believe?