Rock Journalist to Catholic Convert

Dawn Eden Goldstein
03/27/2019 07:00 PM
Dawn Eden Goldstein, author of the new memoir, Sunday Will Never Be the Same, shares her journey from abuse and loneliness into the joy of Catholic Faith. Questions Covered: 09:08 - I think this is so needed. There are so many musicians and people influenced by music and they need Christ. 18:42 - How did you find your vocation? Was it difficult to find? What steps did you take? 24:55 - I met Dawn and she seemed shy to me. How did she overcome this shyness, if she is shy, and insert herself into the rock music scene? 33:23 - Are you familiar with "The Code of Films" written by a Jesuit priest? 39:55 - Before you became a Christian, did you have inner peace? Do you have it now? 44:57 - What are your thoughts on Paul McCartney’s ‘Let It Be’ and the Marian imagery in the song? 47:40 - To what extent do you see rock and roll artists thirsting for God? 51:34 - Can you tell your story about being fired from the New York Post in 2005?