Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
03/28/2019 07:00 PM
Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. Questions Covered: 02:40 - What is Gehenna? 06:02 - How did the angels have the ability to decide to turn against God? Does this mean that there’s a chance we will turn against God once in heaven? 11:06 - At what point did the Israelites have a concept of an afterlife? 16:30 - As a Protestant, I was always taught of the extraordinary gifts of the apostles died with them. Can you better explain apostolic succession? 21:57 - Does the Catholic Church have a position on video games? 28:39 - Did St. John write his gospel after the other gospel writers were martyred? 33:21 - When did Jesus become self-aware of his divinity and humanity? 41:28 - I had a friend killed in an accident who was not Catholic. She did live a holy life. What are her hopes for salvation according to the Church? 43:55 - Why did Thomas wants to see the nail wounds in Jesus’ hands if he was probably crucified in his wrists? 46:50 - Why is there purgatory for humans and not angels? 48:27 - What is the Catholic perspective on predestination based on Ephesians 1? 50:37 - What is the difference between an apostle and a disciple?