Open Forum

Mark Brumley
04/04/2019 07:00 PM
Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. Questions Covered: 05:14 - How can the Catholic Church be sure that the Marian apparitions are really her? 17:24 - Why does the Catholic Church accept NFP to prevent pregnancy if you are supposed to be open to life? 23:15 - How can we correctly view the violence of Genesis? 28:21 - How do we know that Jesus wasn’t an alien? 30:40 - Does the Church recognize the marriage of two baptized Protestants in a Methodist church as valid? 31:57 - There is a dispensation in my county to eat muskrat on Friday. This came from a time in the 1800s when people were starving. Why is this still in place today? 35:39 - I am a convert to Catholicism and am discerning the priesthood. Is the priesthood a higher calling than marriage? 44:00 - What is the difference between devotion to and worship of Mary? 47:54 - What does vocation mean? Is there a good resource for the terminology of the faith? 50:35 - My wife is in a nursing home and a lady brought the Eucharist there during dinner while they were eating. Is that okay? Shouldn’t they receive it after fasting? 51:51 - What is the Catholic Church’s position on preterism? 53:18 - I have a Mormon friend. Can you give me tips for how to explain that the Catholic Church is the true Church? Want more from Jimmy Akin? Teaching with Authority A Daily Defense: 365 Days (plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church