Combating Loneliness & Cultivating Love through Community

04/10/2019 06:00 PM
Jenna Guizar, founder of Blessed is She, discusses the vital importance of making connections in community to maintain a healthy spiritual life. Questions Covered: 19:30 - You’re speaking about how reaching out in a deep way is as simple as dinner. I love that. I try to include simple prayers with my family, as well. We share podcasts and have conversations. 21:51 - Do you have any resources or ideas for leading young adults in the faith life? I am going to a college that only has a Protestant group. 32:25 - I like what you’re talking about! How can I surround myself with a core group of practicing Catholics? 36:40 - How can divorced women bring this kind of community into their lives? How can they connect with ladies who consider themselves a part of this community? How can they start? 38:16 - We have done some similar things for men in our community. 44:51 - Has there been something that you’ve failed in that has turned out to be a greater blessing in the long run? 48:40 - How do we get to the next level? How can we refresh and renew the groups we are a part of? I am a Knight of Columbus, but it feels like we always do the same things and aren’t attracting new members. 52:02 - How can we improve the small communities that we have? Right now, we reflect on the Sunday readings and pray once a week. Resources Mentioned: Blessed is She