Maintaining Peace in the Family

Dr. Ray Guarendi
04/12/2019 06:00 PM
Dr. Ray Guarendi shares with Cy his reflections on the peace of the Holy Family, as well as his best tips for maintaining peace in the modern world. Questions Covered: 29:30 - My daughter has stage 4 colon cancer. My daughter acts very angry toward me when I offer my sympathies but seems to accept sympathy with grace from others who offer it. How can I handle this? 33:39 - How can I help the anger that I have toward my wife for having an affair? 42:48 - How do you bring family together when they don’t accept what you offer to them? 46:22 - How would a person handle their mother saying they wish that they weren’t born? 50:07 - I have a five-year-old who doesn’t pay attention in Mass. How can I help her to pay attention and give reverence to the Eucharist? Resources Mentioned: Thinking Like Jesus: The Psychology of a Faithful Disciple by Dr. Ray Guarendi