The Priesthood of Jesus

Fr. Paul Check
05/22/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 10:14 - Was the priesthood created after Christianity was legalized by Constantine? 22:46 - I am a seminarian and I am curious as to how I can best prepare for the trials and joys of the priesthood. What is your best advice? 28:55 - How are young men still being drawn to the priesthood considering the current state of the Church? 31:12 - Can a woman become a Catholic priest? 34:22 - Can other people give blessings or just priests? 40:20 - What is the best way to respond to the Protestant objections to the priesthood? 45:16 - How does the priesthood relate to Melchisedec? 49:57 - How does Christ’s mediation relate the Eucharist, from a Catholic perspective?