Defending Truth Against Relativism

Karlo Broussard
05/29/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 08:05 - What is the Catholic teaching on objective truth? 19:10 - Why does William Craig make differentiations between absolute and moral truth? 28:27 - When discussing the Catholic position, how can we convey it to our Protestant brothers and sisters in a sensitive but compelling way? So many Protestant believe relativistically. 35:17 - Someone told me that I should mind my own business about being pro-life because what I believe is only between me and God. How can I explain that what is true doesn’t change for each person? 46:56 - How would bilocation, which some of the saints experienced, fit into the idea that you were discussing about only being in one place and one time? 51:09 - You say there is no absolute truth that is self-contradictory. Couldn’t it also be true that the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth?