Weird Questions

Jimmy Akin
06/07/2019 07:00 PM
Jimmy Akin, senior apologist at Catholic Answers, selects from weird and wacky questions submitted via the internet and tackles them head on in this episode of “Weird Questions.” If you have a mysterious, fantastic, or otherworldly query, please email it to Questions Covered: 04:30 - Is there anything in Tradition or Scripture that points to man as God's closest and favorite creature, to the extent that there may be other life forms in existence superior to us in every way except in our closeness to God's heart? 07:37 - How did they keep time in New Testament times?  20:11 - Did Jesus die to save extraterrestrials, too? 24:15 - How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? 29:54 - Was the apparition that St. Paul had on the road to Damascus a private or public revelation? 32:45 - Do the promises of Jesus' return (and other associated events) give us ancillary assurance that humans will not first be totally wiped out by some other disaster? 40:06 - If Jesus could heal the Roman soldier’s child from a distant location, and Jesus gave the power to forgive sins, then why can’t the priests absolve someone from a distance? 48:08 - Why do we genuflect on the right knee, not the left? 51:00 - Is it possible to determine Jesus DNA from the Shroud, Holy Face of Manoppello, or Eucharistic Miracles? Want more from Jimmy Akin? Teaching with Authority A Daily Defense: 365 Days (plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church