The New Testament

Jimmy Akin
06/12/2019 07:00 PM
Jimmy Akin discusses the latest 20 Answers booklet: The New Testament. Questions Covered: 17:00 - Who wrote the book of James in the New Testament? There are many James referenced in Scripture. 24:45 - After Jesus dealt with the demoniacs, why did the people beg him to leave their town? 29:28 - Who wrote the book of Hebrews? 35:30 - Which books do the Protestants exclude from Scripture and was Martin Luther the reason for this? 38:00 - Matthew 18- How does this chapter relate to the authority granted to Peter just two chapters before? 45:43 - In the Gospel of John, Jesus says he is the bread from The people say, how can this be? We know his father. Doesn’t this mean that Joseph was alive during Christ’s ministry? 49:25 - Since God wants us to believe in him, why didn’t Jesus perform an obvious miracle like moving a mountain?