Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
06/13/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 07:15 - My daughter had a baby out of wedlock, and the father’s family is fighting hard to win custody of the baby. What are some resources in the pro-life movement for mothers like her who need help after they’ve had the baby? 13:57 - Our pastor has begun a practice of having a parishioners giving personal testimonies after the homily. Is this acceptable in the Mass? 17:11 - Why do we need the Eucharist if God exists in everything? 19:54 - My Protestant friend tells me about live people who go to Heaven, talk to God, and come back. She keeps demanding that I show her evidence from scripture that this does NOT happen. 28:50 - Is there a difference between the Church and the kingdom of God? Are they synonymous? 29:57 - Why do non-Catholics have to go through so many weeks of RCIA? 33:57 - A female co-worker is marrying another woman, and having a party at the workplace. What should I do? 36:17 - What is Jimmy’s take on the statute of limitations being pushed against the Church in the northeast following the sex abuse scandal? 45:10 - When a clergyman sells absolution, is the confession still valid? 49:48 - Were the baptisms that John was administering before Jesus’ ministry Christian baptisms?