Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Jimmy Akin
06/17/2019 07:00 PM
From those who oppose the Catholic Church to those who are thinking about entering, in this show, we take a break from talking with Catholics to answer questions about the Faith from non-Catholics. Questions Covered: 04:30 - Many years ago, I promised a dear Catholic friend of mine before he died that I would go to Mass. How can attend a Catholic Mass respectfully? I won’t know what to do in the Mass. 09:12 - I want to understand better the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. How is it compatible with Christ’s order for us to love? 17:45 - I am no longer Catholic because of Revelation 6:8-12. I have yet to hear an explanation from the Catholic Church why anyone is still living on the earth when so many of the warnings of Revelation have taken place. 29:18 - Can a non-practicing Catholic receive Communion? 32:25 - How does the Catholic Church see the authority of the Bible? Is the Bible more authoritative than Tradition? 37:37 - What is the Catholic understanding of salvation in the OT vs. the NT? 48:06 - Jesus never taught the Trinity in the Bible. Why does the Catholic Church use words that Jesus didn’t use? He never said the word ‘pope’ and he never taught that Mary was a virgin. Why would you teach what he didn’t say?