Open Forum

Tim Staples
06/20/2019 06:00 PM
Do you have a question about the Catholic Church? All questions about the Catholic faith and life are welcome during open forum. Questions Covered: 10:55 - Does the Church put any stock into the prophecies of St. Malachi?  18:56 - Is there one judgement or two?  28:40 - Do I need to go to confession for venial sins? How often am I supposed to go to confession?  41:07 - Can you give me some pointers for understanding the Bible, when Jesus speaks to the disciples? Is he speaking to the apostles, or is he speaking to me?  47:30 - My daughter-in-law is mentally unstable, and she disappeared 6 days ago with my grandchildren. No one has heard anything nor can they find her. Are there saints to whom I can pray for their intercession? I am so worried.  49:45 - What is the value of repetitious prayer?  Resources Mentioned: Last Call: The Catholic Teaching on Death-Judgment-Heaven-Hell (CD Set) by Tim Staples