What Is Love?

Bishop Frank Caggiano
06/24/2019 06:00 PM
How is Christian love different than other loves that exist in society today? Is love an action? Is love a sacrifice or a feeling? Listen in and find out. Questions Covered:  16:30 - Can you expound on Trinitarian love? How does Trinitarian love work in us and our lives?  20:07 - I think true love is your willingness to be put out for the other person. What do you think of that?  30:25 - My husband told me he is trying to will himself to love me. He has fallen away from the Church. What can I do? Do you have any advice for me?  36:55 - Jesus has a divine nature and a human nature. If Jesus loved us with his divine and human intellect, then dying for us meant that he died for each of us. How can I explain this to people?  47:02 - How do you reconcile the intense personal love with Jesus and the suffering as the price that brings us closer to him?   49:00 - Matthew 6:25- Do not be anxious about the things of this life… We have this teaching and yet, there is so much evil and suffering. How can this be?