Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
06/24/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered:  02:03 - What is the Catholic Church’s views on vaccines?  04:55 - How does the vigil Mass satisfy the Sunday Mass obligation? If you receive the Eucharist on Saturday evening at the vigil, can you receive it the next day, on Sunday, as well?  13:03 - How can I explain the Catholic Catechism to a non-Catholic?  19:42 - Why does Jesus refer to John the Baptist as “Elijah” in the Scriptures?  29:39 - Why can’t Protestants receive Communion?   41:37 - Is it okay to acknowledge the difference between legal and illegal immigration?  44:55 - How can I explain to my son about why we pray for the dead?   51:38 - Why do we say the “Hail, Holy Queen” prayer and call Mary holy?  53:00 - How did the Jewish people view hell? How do they view it now?