Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
06/27/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 04:05 - What is the purpose of God giving land and drawing the borders of Israel if he now has a covenant with everyone? 06:45 - Why do we still have priests? I thought the Levitical priesthood went away with Judaism. 14:52 - Is cremation acceptable in the Catholic Church? 17:01 - What is your opinion of the SSPX? Is their Mass valid and are the sacraments valid? 20:19 - How is it that we know Elizabeth and Mary were cousins if their language did not have a word for cousins? 24:30 - How do we defend the infallibility of the papacy? 33:20 - What scripture is referred to in CCC 1031 as “cleansing fire?” 36:45 - What is the meaning of "charism" in reference to religious orders? 41:30 - I am a deacon and started a faith and science group. What resources can you recommend for parents whose children have left the Faith for reasons of science? 45:40 - If the prayer of St. Gertrude releases 1,000 souls from Purgatory each time it’s said, why isn’t it being prayed around the clock? 52:35 - Can I bury human cremains on my property?