Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
06/27/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 00:41 - To whom does Jesus pay the price in regard to our redemption? 09:45 - If Mary was born sinless, would that affect her free will in agreeing to become the mother of the Son of God? 12:05 - How does the Catholic Church interpret Ephesians 4:11-12? 20:52 - Is the word nunnery a real word? What is the difference between a nunnery, a convent, an abbey, a monastery? 29:09 - What is an inner locution? 40:30 - Did the baby Jesus know he was God since God is omniscient? 45:15 - Did Jesus tell others he was tempted in the desert? How did the apostles and gospel writers know unless he told them? 46:12 - I’ve been invited to go to a non-Catholic outdoor beach wedding. Would it be a sin for me to attend the wedding as a Catholic? 49:12 - At the end of time how will God defeat the devil? 52:06 - If you feel a call to the priesthood, would it be a sin to not follow that call? 52:57 - When John mentions mortal sin, he says something like “I don’t suggest to pray about that.” What does he mean by this statement?