Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
07/05/2019 07:00 PM
Do human beings really have free will? Do modern people really have gifts from the Holy Spirit? Listen in on Jimmy Akin's response to these questions and more. Questions Covered: 01:26 - How can I explain to a Protestant that priests, like the Apostles, have the authority to forgive sins? 04:49 - How can I respond to the Protestant claim that Jesus is the Rock and is Peter’s compass? 12:50 - Can our loved ones in Purgatory hear our petitions? 15:55 - If you misspeak or forget words to your Act of Contrition, is your absolution still valid? 18:33 - How was the first matter made that caused the Big Bang? 21:47 - Could you help me articulate the difference between the Father and the Holy Spirit? 28:33 - Does Mary pray the rosary to herself, as portrayed in The Song of Bernadette? 31:05 - Can non-baptized believers call themselves Catholic? 32:50 - How do we argue that we have free will instead of just psychological conditioning? 42:10 - What are the respective effects that baptism, confession, divine mercy, and plenary indulgences have on our sin? 44:24 - Does the power given by Jesus to bind and loose work on evil spirits? 51:59 - I’ve been having really vivid dreams of the devil. Is there anything I should do? Resources Mentioned: Erasing Death by Sam Parnia Want more from Jimmy Akin?  Teaching with Authority  A Daily Defense: 365 Days (plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist  The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church