Open Forum

Tim Staples
07/09/2019 07:00 PM
Tim Staples discusses topics from the moral issues of fertility clinics to the truth about happiness in this episode of open forum. Questions Covered: 02:06 - Is there more than one Jacob in Old Testament who is known as some kind of protector? 15:35 - What is the Catholic Church’s view on fertility clinics and the services they provide? 19:21 - If God wasn’t created, then what was he doing before he created the world? 24:19 - What is the morality of the Ganzfeld effect? One time, you said that Catholics could attend SSPX Mass validly. Is it valid to attend if you have a Roman rite parish in your town? 36:23 - Without Jesus in their lives, how can people find happiness in secular activities? 45:50 - Can non-Catholics attend adoration? We need more adorers for our adoration chapel.