Open Forum

Jimmy Akin
07/16/2019 06:00 PM
Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief.  Questions Covered: 04:45 - I hear that there are some sins that can’t be forgiven by parish priests and that they have to be forgiven through the Vatican. Is this true?  08:18 - I was doing a 12-step recovery program. There was a step that included prayer and seemed to not be compatible with the Catholic faith. Can you help me with this?  13:21 - Why would we ask Mary to pray for us if she probably is already praying for us?  17:38 - Why did God rest on the 7th day? What am I allowed to do on this day? Can I take a shift or mow the lawn?   23:10 - I am a Protestant. I am curious about how the Bible says that Jesus was crucified once, but you claim to crucify Jesus in the Eucharist at every Mass. How can this be?  28:42 - When we die, how does our body get taken to heaven or hell?   32:00 - Why would a divorced man who was not married in the Catholic Church need an annulment before marrying again?   35:35 - There is a new trend out here with crystals and their healing properties through vibrations. Is there a Church teaching against this?  44:37 - What is Christ saying in Matthew 10:34 when He says that he did not come to bring peace?  47:05 - What is the difference between Catholics and orthodox Christians?  51:18 - I am a recent convert to Catholicism. My family uses the “Roman’s Road” argument frequently against me. How can I respond to this?