Fr. Tad Pacholczyk
07/17/2019 06:00 PM
Fr. Tad discusses the problems of cloning, IVF, and more. Questions Covered: 17:35 - When does life begin for an identical twin?   21:37 - What is the best way to explain the Catholic view on cloning?  29:18 - What would be the ethical position on developing a machine that would imitate a womb and keep a baby alive?   35:55 - Is it true that when a woman is carrying a boy, there is a hormonal process that causes males to be able to use one side of their brain better than the other, while girls can use both well?  40:00 - I thought Catholics were not supposed to participate in cloning, even if the clone does have a soul. Is that correct?  42:07 - What is the Catholic Church’s position on what to do with frozen embryos?  47:55 - Contraceptives have been around for 50-60 years. Is there a connection between contraception and transgenderism or the other rising issues in our society?  51:21 - Are there ethical ways of treating male impotence?