The Current World Through a Catholic Lens

Trent Horn
07/19/2019 07:00 PM
Karlo Broussard, Trent Horn, and Cy Kellett discuss current issues from a Catholic perspective. Questions Covered: 09:14 - Isn’t the fact that our Lady identified herself as the “immaculate conception” evidence that life starts at conception? Could this be evidence to boost the pro-life message?  14:27 - What should Catholics do when they see homeless people on the street? I am very conflicted about it and have heard conflicting advice.   31:43 - Gaudium et spes and Veritatis Splendor both state that deportation is an intrinsic evil. How should that affect how we vote and act in the world today?  36:47 - The Catholic Church allows for the evolutionary theory. That being said, how could He create a world that he knew sin and death and disease would enter into?   43:10 - I want to discuss giving to the Catholic Church so that they can give to the poor. When we are giving to our parish, shouldn’t it be the Church’s responsibility to allocate that money? Isn’t it our responsibility to tithe and then, beyond that, is extra?