The Mass and Worship

Joe Heschmeyer
07/22/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 17:00 - In the early days of the Church, was the Eucharist celebrated in homes? Was it celebrated by priests or just the head of the household?  30:13 - Is the Mass still valid post-Vatican II? Was too much reverence lost?  40:43 - During the consecration, the priest says, “new and everlasting covenant,” but that is not in Scripture. Why are these words used?  44:25 - How can I get my daughter back in the Catholic Church when she says she doesn’t feel God’s presence there, but feels it in the non-denominational church she attends?  47:50 - There are pre-Eucharistic prayers and post-Eucharistic prayers that have really helped me to grow in intimacy with Christ. Why doesn’t the Church emphasize these aspects of faith to help people to really experience the sacred nature of the Mass?  52:00 - The Holy Father says that he is going to change the words of the Lord’s Prayer. What will this do?