The Mass and the Priesthood

Fr. Rhone Lillard
08/01/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 16:05 - Is there a good way to discern religious priesthood or diocesan priesthood?  20:26 - How did we get from kneeling at the altar to standing in line?   28:37 - If a person has a problem with alcohol, can grape juice be used as a replacement for wine in the Mass?  30:20 - If Catholics don’t have access to a priest and the sacraments, are they culpable for not attending Mass and receiving the sacraments?  33:05 - I am converting to the faith but can’t receive the Eucharist yet. How can I get the most out of Mass at the stage that I am in?  35:47 - What is the deal with Fr. Nicholas Gruner’s group? Is he SSPX or FSSP?  37:55 - What happened with Archbishop Lefebvre and did he die in good graces?  42:28 - I love a homily at Mass. Lately, my priest has not been saying a homily at daily Mass. Is this permissible?   45:45 - What is a good resource for the history and mission of the different orders of the priesthood?  47:25 - Is there a way to have the Fraternity open a chapter in a state they don’t already reside in?  49:22 - What is the real reason why priests are celibate?