The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
08/05/2019 06:00 PM
Catholics Answers’ chaplain, Norbertine Fr. Hugh Barbour, joins Cy to take any question of a pastoral nature. He offers advice on marriage, family, work, the liturgy, and much more.  Questions Covered: 05:12 - Can a Catholic priest be a petitioner’s advocate in the annulment process?  06:39 - I don’t understand the hypostatic union. Was Jesus always fully God and fully man?  22:25 - I am a Eucharistic minister. When is the appropriate time for the Eucharistic ministers to approach the altar? When is the appropriate time to leave the altar afterwards?  28:45 - How can I be a good influence on a friend who is now claiming to be transgender?  34:57 - I’ve been trying to attend Mass on every first Saturday. This last Saturday, I attended at 5 pm, but attended a second time for my Sunday obligation the next day. Can I count that 5 pm Mass as my first Saturday Mass?  36:26 - I have a friend who started to go to RCIA. She expressed to that priest that she feels like there is evil around her and he didn’t believe her. How can I convince her to go back to RCIA?  41:25 - Can I receive the Eucharist more than one time in a day?  45:09 - What is the truth about Mother Teresa? Should she have been canonized?  49:50 - What does the Catholic Church say about self-defense, considering all the recent shootings?