The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
08/16/2019 06:00 PM
Catholics Answers’ chaplain, Norbertine Fr. Hugh Barbour, joins Chris Check to take any question of a pastoral nature. He offers advice on marriage, family, work, the liturgy, and much more.  Questions Covered: 15:55 - Are there reliable statistics on Mass attendance and belief in the Eucharist from a Catholic source?  22:04 - In the catechism, it says that the entire human race is implicated in Adam’s sin. How can we be responsible for the sin of another man?  29:45 - Is it acceptable to attend Mass at the SSPX chapel? Can I receive their sacraments?  33:43 - What are the apocalyptic implications of the third building of the Jerusalem temple?  41:04 - How does purification of the senses work?  48:22 - My husband is ill with cancer and is doing chemotherapy. Would it be acceptable for us to use condoms so that he doesn’t give me cancer?  52:27 - Can you explain the filioque controversy?