Does Romance Really Matter?

Rose Sweet
08/26/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 16:15 - How do you restart romance after you’ve been married for 13 years? 20:18 - Is romance off limits for people with same-sex attraction? 29:13 - If suffering is part of getting close to Christ, how is that romance? How can romance require suffering? 34:30 - Can you explain where the line lies between romance, love, and lust? 45:27 - I am dating someone who I really like, but I don’t feel very attracted to him. Does that matter? 49:46 - I have a deep desire to be in a relationship, but I am single. Is it selfish to desire that? 52:12 - I’ve been divorced for almost 12 years. I find myself thinking about my ex-husband and I am not sure if it is love or something else.