Open Forum

Fr. John Trigilio
08/29/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 03:43 - Why does the perpetual virginity of Mary matter? 07:23 - What is the best response when a friend tells you that they are not religious or spiritual, and are not interested? 13:57 - What makes God a friend to us? 16:30 - Other than Paul’s reference to a “new creation,” I am trying to find more evidence in Scripture for sanctifying grace. Can you help? 21:21 - Why is there a tabernacle in the Church? 28:31 - What does “manifesting” mean? Is it evil or does it have any witchcraft involved? 33:12 - Can a bishop excommunicate someone? 37:30 - Do Anglican priests have apostolic succession? Do Anglicans have valid sacraments? 42:26 - Why aren’t there more feast days or promotion of eucharistic miracles? 46:24 - If you feel like you’re being called to a vocation, but you don’t pursue, is that wrong? 48:50 - Where do indulgences come from? What is the reason for them? 52:34 - What is formed faith? Is this different from regular faith?