Catholic Answers Quiz Show

08/30/2019 07:00 PM
Round One  Contestant One                  1) The early Church accepted Jesus as the Christ. What does the word Christ mean?  a) Living Water b) Anointed One c) Son of God    2) Who among the following probably knew the Apostles Paul and Peter?   a) Pope St. Clement 1 b)Sts. Felicity and Perpetua c) Pope St. Gregory 1    3) St. Augustine wrote the City of God and was a bishop in:  a) Asia Minor  b) Africa c) Europe    Contestant Two                  1) Women in the early Church   a) Were not called to be martyrs because they stayed in the home. b) Were called to be martyrs only if their husband accepted it. c) Were made martyrs just as men were.    2) Which of these apostles had a wife?  a) Timothy b) Paul c) Peter    3) The title “Theotokos” or God-bearer was used:  a) By only one of the early church fathers. b) By none of the Church fathers. It is a later development. c) By many of the early Church Fathers.  ROUND TWO    Contestant One                  1) In the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel Jesus told people to _____________ and believe in the gospel?  a) Have faith b) Repent c) Be baptized 2)  The Apostolic Fathers were:   a) Apostles, it’s the same thing. b) The Jewish prophets and teachers who preceded the apostolic age. c) Church teachers and bishops of the first and early second centuries, some of whom knew the Apostles personally. 3) In the early decades of the Church, women:   a) Were not considered equal to men. b) Made up the bulk of the converts to the Faith. c) Had to remarry a Christian if they were widowed. Contestant Two            1) Christian monasteries in the earliest Church were:  a) Most common far outside major cities. b) Most common near major cities. c) Not really a thing yet.    2) Peter was the leader of the Church in which City?  a) Capua b) Alexandria c) Antioch    3) The Catholic Church accepts:  a) Some of the inspired Hebrew Scriptures b) All of the Inspired Hebrew Scriptures c) Those parts of the Inspired Hebrew Scriptures that do not conflict with the gospel. FINAL JUDGMENT  1) True or False: The period of the Church Fathers spans roughly the time from Clement of Rome in the first century to John of Damascus in the eighth century.  2) True or False: We have several other gospels written before Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  3) True or False: Christians were persecuted without interruption by Roman Authorities until the time of Constantine.  4) True or False: The Ancient Roman governor Pliny described Christianity as spreading “like a plague.”  5) True or False: The earliest Christians became known for rescuing abandoned children and caring for the sick.  6) True or False: The Apostle Paul never treated women as his co-workers.  7) True or False: Felicity and Perpetua – a slave and a noble woman – were martyred together, showing the diversity of the early Church.