Finding Joy

Gary Zimak
09/04/2019 06:00 PM
Gark Zimak discusses battling the suffering and hardship of life, but still finding joy. Questions Covered: 13:39 - I have a 12-year-old who is always very negative. What can you recommend that could help her? She feels helpless.  16:38 - Do you have any tips for keeping your joy when dealing with other people who complain?  19:24 - How did you transition into ministry?  21:50 - My boyfriend is dark and depressed right now. He drinks a lot and has not been a very nice person. How can I help him? He is Catholic and I am becoming Catholic.  24:37 - I have struggled throughout my life with pornography. Do you have any tips for me to avoid this sin in the future? It is consuming.  32:42 - In a work situation, when you’re the boss and you must discipline people, how can you find joy in your work?  43:49 - I come from a childhood trauma and have problems with anger and wrath. I have struggled with things that make me despondent and hopeless. What can I do to cultivate joy in such a difficult situation?  47:25 - I’m not Catholic. Does your joy come from your conversion? Do Catholics believe that bishops give this joy or that God gives this joy?  51:02 - One time I didn’t know I was joyful until someone pointed it out to me! Sometimes joy isn’t a feeling and that was helpful for me to realize.