Open Forum

Mark Brumley
09/05/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 04:18 - Are the older catechisms, like the Baltimore Catechism, still valid?   05:46 - When we ask Mary to intercede for us, isn’t that like asking Jesus to allow Mary to hear us just for her to tell him the thing we are praying for?  17:21 - Is it okay to pray the rosary in a way like hesychasm?   19:25 - I’m teaching first grade CCD and I want them to learn the Mass. Would it be alright if I greet them by saying, “The Lord be with you,” and having them respond, “And with your spirit?”  21:17 - Why are the United States bishops appointed by the Pope of Rome? Also, why are there so many Latino Bishops in the US- don’t they have a conflict of interest on the illegal immigration?   31:57 - How should I react when a priest gets political in his homilies?  43:45 - What is the importance of celebrating saints’ feast days?  48:36 - Is it fair to refer to the Novus Ordo as a Protestantized Mass?  50:29 - I’m very interested in the Catholic faith, but my wife is not. How can I explain that all Christian faiths are not equal representations of the truth?