The Transgender Movement

Gloria Purvis
09/13/2019 06:00 PM
Questions Covered: 20:40 - I am converting to Catholicism and am not sure how to deal with the transgender issue. 29:36 - People should not pressure others to be something they are not. I think we are called to love, not to pressure. 40:59 - I knew a woman who had a complete gender change. People should accept others for who they are, especially since they are already struggling. 46:22 - If someone wants me to call them by their trans name, I just do it. What am I hoping to achieve by refusing? 49:50 - I appreciate very much the distinction that you are making about biology and the defense of womanhood. The same day that Bruce Jenner transitioned, I explained to my daughter who got her period her special identity as a woman.