Homosexuality and the Bible

Trent Horn
09/13/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 15:40 - I disagree with the teaching that homosexuality is a sin. I’m an ordained minister and have a degree in psychology and believe that this pushes people away. 31:28 - As a woman I really find drag queens offensive. Why does society accept the mockery of women? 43:28 - What is the Church’s stance on homosexuality being a choice? Are people are born with it? 46:14 - Some "abominations" in the Old Testament have been abolished (i.e. eating unclean food). Why is this abomination not abolished? 51:21 - I am oldest of six, and three out of the six of us have same-sex attraction. I believe everything the church teaches and have been involved with Courage. We are discovering the large group of clergy who are have same sex attraction and are trying to change church doctrine. This is a very bizarre time in the church for someone like me. What should we who want to follow church teaching do when there is a big push to normalize what we struggle with?