The Bible Is a Catholic Book

Jimmy Akin
09/16/2019 07:00 PM
Questions Covered: 01:02 - My friend believes in God but can’t see evidence for Jesus. He says he doesn’t know if God is Buddha, etc. How can I speak to him about this?  04:47 - Why are there certain things written in the Bible that the Church is not currently practicing?  11:18 - The Bible has a lot of universal truths, but there are some things in there that make it seem more for men than for women. This is a stopping point for my wife. How can I better discuss this and understand this with her?  22:03 - Does the Bible talk about a finite number of angels and fallen angels?  28:48 - I reject what Jimmy said about head coverings. I wear it out of reverence and not for fashion.  33:53 - What is biblical about Marian theology and devotions? Also, is there a biblical basis for transubstantiation?   43:40 - The Stations of the Cross don’t exactly match up with Scripture. Is this because of Tradition? What is the difference between Tradition and Scripture?  47:10 - A friend of mine is a lapsed Catholic because he believes in logical inconsistencies in the Bible. How can I respond to this?  50:43 - My Assembly of God friend says she is not a sinner. Can you explain where this idea comes from and how Scripture can refute it?